Winter 2015

Habitat For Patients

One of our lodging partners in Houston, TempStay Habitat For Patients will be starting something new this year. It's a wonderful way to give back.

Here's what the owners Steve and Gerry Fuller have to say: "Starting in 2015, Habitat for Patients will provide extended stay/all-inclusive furnished apartments with shuttle service in or near the Texas Medical Center in Houston for cancer patients with rent subsidies of 20% to 100% provided by individual donors, state agencies, corporate, religious groups and charities. More news and updates will be provided over the next few months."

Thank you Steve and Gerry!

Thanks for a wonderful 2014!

We asked and you gave! A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of our donors! You made 2014 one of our best years ever! With the money from our generous donors we'll start new outreach programs to more hospitals and cancer treatment centers.

Currently we have approximately 1,850 places to stay and 223 hospitals listed on Joe's House website. We'll use the generous donations to expand and add to our robust database so that we can help as many of those looking for accommodations during treatment that we can. See the last article for our newest cities.

In Praise of Caregivers

If you don't follow us on Facebook and Twitter, here is a beautiful quote from Tori Tomalia who has a cancer blog. Its titled Dedicated to the Caregivers.

"To all the caregivers out there, all you unsung superheroes, my admiration for you is greater than ever. Watching someone you love struggle to breathe, battle side effects, and deal with endless pain is its own kind of torture. We patients go through this because we have no choice. You do it out of love,". Well put!

Newest Cities

We continue to add new cities that offer all types of lodging for those traveling for treatment. Our newest cities are:

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan - Grand Rapids has 3 hospitality houses that offer free or greatly reduced lodging. The American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge, Sophia's House and Spectrum Health Renucci Hospitality House
  • Fresno, California - Terry's House
  • Syracuse, New York - Sarah's Guest House

In addition each city offers hotels and other accommodations at a discount.

Keep Smiling

Thanks to all of you that designated Joe's House for your charity on Amazon. For those of you that shop on Amazon and don't know about Smile at Amazon it's an easy way to give to your favorite non profit while you shop for your favorite stuff on Amazon! Use this link to get started. Smile