About Us

Joe’s House is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization that was created by Ann W Calahan in memory of her late husband Joe. Joe battled cancer for six years, having treatment in Texas and New York. Finding a suitable place to stay was a challenge and after Joe’s death in 1997 Ann vowed to find a way to help others in the same situation. In 2003 Joe’s House website launched and fulfilled that promise.

Joe's House website lists thousands of places to stay across the country near hospitals and treatments centers that offer a discount for traveling patients and their loved ones. Here is a list of the people that help keep Joe's House running:

The Board of Directors:

  • Ann W Calahan - President, Joe’s House
  • Donald T Calahan - Retired Travel Executive
  • Maureen Rigney - Director of Support Services, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
  • Flo Lugli - Navesink Advisory Board, LLC
  • Doug Abbott - VP, Commercial Strategy, GitGo Group
  • Andrew S Cohen - - Senior Partner, Global Leader-Healthcare for IBM Consulting
  • Andrew Faulkner - Senior Director, Commercial Operations/Marketing Services



The Need

Every day more than 3,500 people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer. Many must travel to cancer centers specializing in their particular treatment needs. Combined with the millions who are already fighting this disease, it means tens of thousands of cancer patients every day throughout the United States are looking for a suitable place to stay.

Cancer patients who must travel for treatment accompanied by family and friends, must research a wide variety of accommodations in unfamiliar cities. Research methods include word-of-mouth, traditional hotel websites, and relying on social workers or other healthcare professionals.  Joe's House mission is to centralize the various lodging options that cater to patients and to streamline the reservations process.

Our repository of lodging information provides a centralized list of lodging catering to patients and family members. Users may search for accommodations by city or proximity to a cancer treatment center or hospitals. Joe's House works with hotels and other lodging facilities to centralize inventory and provide medical discount to cancer patients. We are NOT a physical house and unfortunately we do not provide financial assistance nor provide lodging for the homeless with cancer.

Joe's House website offers a consolidated accommodations list that caters to cancer patients, their families, and caregivers. Some of our lodging options accept any patient regardless of illness. Many of our lodging facilities offer online booking links, look for the online check mark next to the facility on the lodging query page.